Florence Little Theatre auditions are open to everyone.

We pride ourselves on having newcomers backstage or in the cast of every production. All auditions are held at the Florence Little Theatre. Prior experience is not required and all audition materials will be provided. Usually, those who are auditioning will be asked to read scenes from the show with others.

For musicals auditions, you will be asked to sing a song which demonstrates your vocal abilities. The musical director will go over the song before you are asked to sing. You will also be required to dance and the choreographer for the production will go over a dance with you before you dance for the director.

Sometimes, there are callbacks after the auditions; these are opportunities for the director to make his final decision before casting roles. It is important to know that not being called back does not mean that you will not be cast in the production.

Murder on the Orient Express Auditions
Florence Little Theatre to hold auditions for Murder on the Orient Express
Directed by Shannon Dunn
Audition Dates
Sunday, November 8 at 7:00 PM
Wednesday, November 11 at 7:00 PM
Registration begins 30 minutes prior to audition time.
Production Dates
March 5-13, 2021
Audition Location
Auditions will be held at the Florence Little Theatre Main Lobby
417 S. Dargan Street Florence, SC 29506
Audition Information
Ages 16 and up are welcome to audition for this production. All audition materials will be provided. Anyone auditioning must agree to temperature screening upon entering the building and must wear a mask while in the building.
Please bring a non-returnable headshot if available; this does not have to be a professional photograph, a printed cellphone photo is fine.
Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer—in case he or she decides to strike again. Glamorous, romantic, and hilarious, this new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s masterpiece by two-time Tony-nominated playwright and farce master, Ken Ludwig takes you on a suspenseful, highly entertaining thrill ride. Book your passage today!
Character Descriptions
Hercule Poirot (Belgian, 40’s - 60’s) World famous detective, meticulous, witty, oddly charismatic in his own way, slightly pompous, passionately driven to find the answers, strong moral compass, very aware of his ability and his well deserved reputation.
Monsieur Bouc (Belgian, 30’s - 50’s) Director of Wagon-Lit, the train company that owns the Orient Express, a good humored man, playful, generous, proud, an excellent host with a love of luxury and grandeur.
Mary Debenham (British, 20’s - 40’s) A governess, capable yet romantic, anxious about her journey on the Orient Express, there is a sadness around her eyes, clearly has a secret and an unknown relationship to Colonel Arbuthnot.
Hector MacQueen (American, 20’s - 50’s) Secretary and assistant to Samuel Ratchett, tightly wound, edgy and nervous, always seems to be on the verge of falling apart.
Michel the Conductor (French, 30’s - 50’s) Polite, hard-working, happy to have a good position on the Orient Express, eager to please.
Princess Dragomiroff (Russian, 40’s - 70’s) Royalty, a sweeping, impressive presence, intimidating, impatient, everyone knows when she enters the room.
Greta Ohlsson (Swedish, 20’s - 40’s) Missionary, inherently odd, very strict and religiously devout, plain with a sheepish, almost frightened quality, Princess Dragomiroff is paying her way in exchange for helping her on her journey.
Countess Andrenyi (Hungarian, 20’s - 40’s) Beautifully and exquisitely dressed, like something out of a fairy tale, with a warmth that wins over everyone she meets, intelligent.
Helen Hubbard (American, 40’s - 70’s) Eccentric, bold and outspoken with a touch of flamboyance, from the American midwest, jovial, deliciously nosy and brash, often flirtatious, she can talk to anyone, even if they don’t want to listen.
Colonel Arbuthnot (Scottish, 20’s - 40’s) Handsome, very matter of fact, clearly has a secret and an unknown connection to Mary Debenham, he enjoys the sense of adventure that the Orient Express provides, takes charge when he needs to.
Samuel Ratchett (American, 40’s - 60’s) American businessman with a gangster’s edge, evil at heart and frightening, unforgiving, stern demeanor, pushy, domineering.
Head Waiter (Turkish, 20’s - 50’s) Snooty and smooth, a (phony) name dropper